It was Sunday morning when I suddenly started getting messages from my friends and team saying:

“Did you see the new JLo documentary?? You showed up! Exciting!”  

Clip from Netflix documentary, Jennifer Lopez Halftime, directed by Amanda Micheli

My daughter had a friend over for a sleepover, so after tucking them into bed that night I finally decided to watch the ‘Jennifer Lopez Halftime’ documentary. Well…aalll the way at the end of the movie, I saw myself, with a big smile, wearing red pants, a Tucketts t-shirt, and a pair of blue Tucketts Ballerina socks, raising my hands and celebrating. It was one second, yes one second! 

The next day I asked myself, what does this one second mean?

Back in 2015 I decided to apply for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses scholarship for a mini MBA, where your business is the case study and you get to meet the most amazing people!

Tucketts was the idea that came to my mind, I decided to execute it and figure it out along the way.

I was feeling lonely and it was hard trying to figure out how to grow a business without knowing anything about entrepreneurship, the textile industry, or fitness.

That one second, to me, meant that the Goldman Sachs team saw me and my idea as potential. And they were right. 6 years later I was able to make the business thrive, exponentially growing worldwide, and becoming a leader among Latina entrepreneurs in the Goldman Sachs network.

They selected only a handful of Latina entrepreneurs to meet Jennifer Lopez and inspire her to support Latina women to thrive as she did.  

JLo and 
Ben Affleck leaving the event

This one second of fame, as I called it, feeds my soul. Being an entrepreneur is tough, in particular, these last 12 months with all the supply chain issues and increasing unfair competition. But this one second is a reminder of how we were able to keep the dream alive and grow while being surrounded by an amazing supportive network and community.

I am very grateful for our clients and followers that could have gone and bought from another brand, but decided to support a small, sustainable, Latina-woman owned business! Your choice makes a difference!

I highly recommend you watch the documentary! It peels into the layers of JLo's career, success, and values in such a beautiful, vulnerable, and inspiring way.

"In addition to Jennifer Lopez's incredible music and acting career, she has recently launched Limitless Labs, whose core mission is to empower and provide opportunities to underserved communities.

One year after launching a partnership with Goldman Sachs to support female entrepreneurship, Jennifer Lopez's Limitless Labs entered into a partnership with Grameen America to enable over $14 billion of investments for low-income Latina entrepreneurs by 2030." 

If you are a Latina entrepreneur, keep going! We have everything we need to succeed. If you are not, support Latina businesses, behind every Latina there is passion and a higher purpose that will create an impact beyond your imagination!

Thank you, Goldman Sachs community, for always being there!



Written by Paola Shah

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