5-PACK Mommy & Me Gift Set (3-PACK Adult Allegro Tie Dye Pink/Blue/Plum + 2-PACK Kids Plum/Blue + Reusable Gift Bag)


Give the gift of happy feet! No matter who warms your heart, you can warm their feet, including your own!

Spending time barefoot helps develop crucial neuropathways for your body and brain development. Tucketts™ patented toe-free non-slip socks allow you and your kids to enjoy your favorite activities together in a healthy, safe and fun way.

The  5-PACK Mommy & Me Tie Dye Gift Set comes in your favorite colors! 

Our Allegro collection is made from high quality, recycled cotton. 

70%  recycled cotton, 29% nylon, 1% spandex

Adults sizes:

Available in S/M (fits US Women's size 6-9)

Large fits US Women's size 10+

Kids sizes:
S - (Shoe Size 6-11)
M - (Shoe Size 12-2)
L - (Shoe Size 3-6)

Included in 5-PACK Mommy & Me gift set:

  • Adults Tie Dye Allegro -  Pink
  • Adults Tie Dye Allegro - Blue
  • Adults Tie Dye Allegro  - Plum
  • Kids Tie Dye Allegro - Plum
  • Kids Tie Dye Anklet - Blue
  • Reusable gift bag made with recycled plastic bottles & recovered cotton

Put on a matching pair and let the fun begin!


Since day one, it’s been our goal to cause the least amount of harm to the environment as possible, while positively impacting communities and disrupting old industry norms. With tree-free packaging and reduced water consumption through recycled yarns, we continue to make improvements in our supply chain each year.