Tucketts are for every body, every age, every sole. Everyone wears Tucketts for a reason. We believe in an inclusive, accessible, sustainable world. Tucketts is the result of a combination of passion and beliefs: barefoot workouts, following nature, a love for colorful socks, sustainability, and most importantly: helping people make a positive impact.

Why Toeless?

Toes are naturally meant to spread out and move without restrictions in order to improve our balance, mobility, posture, body awareness, sensory reception, and much more. 

Tucketts’ patented toeless grip socks are carefully designed to help you retain the benefits of being barefoot while adding an extra layer of protection, comfort, and stability.


  • Anti-Slip on Any Surface

    The unique gripper design on the sole makes them stickier than most other non-slip socks. Even if your feet get sweaty, they won't let your feet slide out from under you.

    Feet remain stable and secure even when walking on tile or hardwood floors and in hot and sweaty workouts so you never lose your grip again!

  • Enhance Your Foot-Brain Connection

    Feet have the highest number of nerve endings in the human body.

    Tucketts toeless socks allow full foot stimulation, helping to support postural alignment and balance to increase body awareness, create neurological pathways in the brain, and stabilize during dynamic movement.