2-PACK Kids Tie-Dye - Blue/Plum


Tucketts for kids is a compromise between children slipping on wood or tile floors, and allowing kids to have the sensory ability to develop the neuropathways that are so important for their development.

Kids should experience the world barefoot. Tucketts is a mom owned and operated company, so we understand the importance of safety for our little ones while running around and allowing them to feel barefoot. 

Available in 2Pack kids sizes:
S - (Shoe Size 6-11)
M - (Shoe Size 12-2)
L - (Shoe Size 3-6)

70%  recycled cotton, 29% nylon, 1% spandex



Since day one, it’s been our goal to cause the least amount of harm to the environment as possible, while positively impacting communities and disrupting old industry norms. With tree-free packaging and reduced water consumption through recycled yarns, we continue to make improvements in our supply chain each year.