We’re a women-run business with a love for sustainability and a passion for spreading the message about the foot-brain connection. Our belief in the balance between people, planet, and profit has led us to a partnership with a South America factory.

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It Starts With the People.

When selecting a factory to manufacture Tucketts™, we decided to make the “people” part of the equation our priority to start. Our factory is fully engaged with the W.R.A.P. ethical principles; and belongs to a local clean production agreement with a tight-knit web of suppliers. We strongly believe in diversification of the apparel industry in order to increase sustainability of manufacturing. This is what initially attracted us to our factory; to help support emerging manufacturing regions and decrease the unemployment rate in South America.

Sustainability is Our Passion.

We’re proud to say that Tucketts packaging is 100% tree-free. Our aim is to use the minimum amount of paper to hold and display each pair of our socks. Our packaging is made from 100% sugar cane fiber; totally free of harmful dyes and chlorine bleach. It is completely biodegradable and recyclable. Likewise, the envelopes used to mail the socks are made from post-consumer & post-industrial material.

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Why Toeless?

Our patented grip socks allow your toes to have complete sensory contact with the ground. This helps to strengthen your foot muscles, preventing tendon overuse injuries. They’re also a great alternative to barefoot workouts as they give the foot additional support and minimize infection risk.

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Tucketts Founder and CEO, Paola R Shah, moved from London to Los Angeles, when shortly after a friend asked her to help with a market research study to open a Pilates studio.  So she took several classes in different studios to learn more about this new workout and realized that socks were mandatory in many.

Whilst researching Pilates, she noticed toes don’t have a standard measure or shape. Once she realized this, she was inspired by her own Yoga and Pilates practice to free the toes in order to keep the barefoot sensation and connection with the brain. In sharing these thoughts with other practitioners, instructors and podiatrists, she came to understand that they were also unsatisfied with the available socks options for barefoot activities.

Immediately, the idea for Tucketts struck her like a flash of light and she knew she had to create a better grip sock! Tucketts was born in 2014 with a patented design that allows the toes to stay engaged and connected to the rest of the body.

Creating a sustainable product and finding the balance between people, profit and planet has been Paola's mission since day one. She believes in the importance of diversifying the manufacturing industry and allowing consumers to have a positive impact with their purchase.

Tucketts today is considered to be the best gripper sock in the market. Innovation and sustainability remain the key pillars of Paola's mission.


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