We are very grateful for being able to take an idea and make it into a business. Since Tucketts™ was born we have been looking for ways to make a positive impact. From day one we wanted to make sure our business reaches communities beyond yoga, pilates and other fitness studios.

Tucketts™ is the result of a combination of passion and beliefs: barefoot workouts, following nature, a love for colorful socks, sustainability, and most importantly: helping people make a positive impact.

As you're gaining extra balance by wearing a pair of Tucketts, someone (or something) will get to balance their body and mind through our Tucketts for Peace and Tucketts for Trees initiatives. 

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"At Tucketts, we believe that people come first and the balance between the body and mind of an individual can build peaceful communities."

Paola Shah - Founder & CEO of Tucketts

Together we can build a more peaceful community.

At Tucketts, we believe in giving back to the community that serves us and building peace between people. Together, in partnership with the Dunna Corporation, we are working toward a common goal of mindfulness throughout the world.

We will plant a tree on your behalf!

Every pair of Tucketts bought will contribute towards our Tucketts for Trees Program. We are partnering with Groasis contributing to replant the most unique, special and mostly dry areas on the world. Starting in the Sahara region!

Bee the Inspiration!

Being fully sustainable means we all need to work to avoid the depletion of our natural resources. Tucketts takes this belief very seriously, a portion of our proceeds of the Toe-tally in Bloom Collection will go toward The Honeybee Conservancy, promoting the sustainability of bee sanctuaries and increase of production in vulnerable communities.

Help Us Make A Difference!

We partner with the Dunna Corporation, who is dedicated to promoting mental health, emotional recovery and coexistence of the populations in Colombia most affected by violence. They do this by promoting mindfulness through yoga and other similar practices.

Every time you purchase a pair of our socks, Tucketts will make a donation to the Dunna Corporation on your behalf. You can make an even bigger impact by donating directly to the Dunna Corporation.