Let's break down the science. Your feet can recognize objects through touch. This is called Haptic perception.

  • Fascia, tendons, and ligaments are ionically charged and receive the sensory information
  • 7,000+ nerve endings in the sole of the foot contribute information for sensorimotor control
  • 250,000 sweat glands can produce 4-6oz. of perspiration a day in active feet
  • 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the foot

The highest threshold of sensory information comes from the heel and toes — that's where Tucketts comes in!

The feet have many receptors, and just like the eyes, skin and jaw they communicate with the brain. As a result, the brain tells us how and when to adjust our posture. The way we stand and walk is the best, most powerful business card we have.

Ilaria Cavagna — Founder of Feet-ness

Tucketts allows the toes to have full sensory contact with the ground which helps strengthen the intrinsic musculature of the foot, preventing tendon overuse injuries...a great alternative to barefoot activities as they give the foot additional support and minimize risk.

Dr, Farah Alani - Podiatrist

By using and stimulating the nerves in the foot more, their physical growth is encouraged (both in the peripheral nerves of the foot and the central neurons in the brain). This growth can have beneficial impacts on circulation and sensitivity.

Dr. Sam Oltmanm, ND


Allows sensory feedback to uphold best posture and balance

Structural design resists pulling, pinching and chafing of feet & toes

Easy to put on. Cotton blend wicks away moisture for all day comfort

Open toe design gives unrestricted wear-ability regardless of toe shapes, sizes or asymmetries

Dependable grips increase confidence levels in dynamic movement

Vibrant designs and colors motivate any workout!