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Summer is around the corner and with it, outdoor fun, climbing adventures, beach runs, snorkeling trips, and yoga sessions at sunset! With so much to look forward to, there is nothing better than to start getting ready for the exciting season ahead!

And, your favorite pair of Tucketts are certainly not staying behind! Our anti-skid, toeless socks are a great addition to your yoga, pilates, or barre outfit. 

Thanks to the strong grip features and toeless design, Tucketts are comfortable no matter the season, provide a barefoot experience on all surfaces, and help avoid injuries. 

And, if you love Tucketts as much as we do, you probably already found all the ways to make the most of your socks - or maybe not! Check out some of the alternative ways our clients use Tucketts!



Make Your Beach Walks Comfier: Wearing Tucketts With Flip Flops 

What’s better than enjoying a long beach walk as the sun rises? Or an evening stroll to enjoy the last rays of the sun? If you are already looking forward to beach days, walks, and outdoor fun, you are certainly not alone! 

As some of Tucketts users have pointed out, your favorite pair might be just as useful in summer as they are at your yoga studio! Wearing Tucketts with your flip flops has many benefits, including:

- The anti-skid features can help you keep your feet stable if your skin or flip flops are wet
- The soft moisture-wicking cotton prevents the flip flops’ rubber from causing friction and irritation
- An extra layer of protection makes longer walks more comfortable and allows you to enjoy that barefoot feeling - especially for your little ones!



      Take the Barefoot Experience Underwater: Wearing Tucketts When Exploring the Ocean 

      If you are an ocean lover, summer must be your favorite season! Now that the sun is shining, the days are getting longer, and temperatures are rising, it is the perfect time to book your next dive or snorkeling experience. And, even revamp your exercise routine!

      And that’s where you can learn a thing or two from our ocean-loving Tucketts wearers! Regular SCUBA divers and snorkellers have shared a secret: wearing Tucketts underneath the fins can facilitate water flow and reduce friction. 

      So, you can not only stay in the Silent World for longer, but you can enjoy your favorite activities throughout summer without blisters or irritation!



      Make Your Classes Safer: Tucketts Are Your Most Trusted Pool Partner

      Tucketts are purposely designed for all of those who love practicing yoga, barre, pilates, martial arts, and aerial arts. But what if you are into Aquagym or Aquaerobics? 

      Some of the Tucketts fans who love spending their free time at the pool have told us that they have found more than one way to benefit from the strong grip, anti-slip power of our toeless socks!

      When worn around the pool or from the shower to the trampoline, Tucketts are a great alternative to prevent dangerous slips and avoid injuries while walking between the changing room and the main swimming pool area. 

      Are you more of a fan of spa days? Tucketts’ uses go far beyond workouts - and can make your spa experience more enjoyable and relaxing!



      Peace of Mind and Comfort - On Any Summer Adventure!

      No matter what you love to fill your summer days with, Tucketts are by your side. If you love the feeling of warm sand, fresh-cut grass, or soil under your toes, Tucketts provide a comfortable barefoot experience. More into pool parties and relaxing days at home? Our toeless socks offer the comfort and peace of mind you need to make the most of yet another summer day.

      Written by Tucketts Team

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