The chills and thrills of Halloween are just around the corner and we are here to amplify your festivity with our 🎃 Spooky Socktober Contest! Get creative, sport your Tucketts in your Halloween attire, and stand a chance to win an enticing Tucketts gift card! 👻 

👉 Quick Recap on How To Enter:

  1. Dress in your spooky best and make sure Tucketts is part of your ensemble.
  2. Snap a pic or a reel and share it with us in our DMs by October 30th.
  3. Be sure to tag us and use #TuckettsSocktober in your caption.

 Prizes awaiting the top 3 spook-tacular costumes are...

🏆 $100 for 1st place

🥈 $50 for 2nd place

🥉 $25 for 3rd place

🔥 Unlock Magic with Our Spooky Socktober Sale 🧦

Don’t ghost our Knee High Sale, it's the key to conjuring a winning look!  Embark on a Spooky Shopping Spree Now!

Tips to Bewitch the Tucketts Jury!

While every ghoul and ghost is welcome in our Spooky Socktober realm, here are some  tips to make your entry truly enchanting:

  • Authenticity is Key: Let your personal style shine through.
  • Tell a Tale: Weave a narrative around your attire, how does Tucketts enhance your spooky tale?
  • Engage in the Festivities: Share your creation in your stories, reels, or posts, spreading the Tucketts Halloween spirit far and wide!

Imaginative Tucketts Costumes:

  • Starry Night Alchemist: Don the Starry Night socks as twinkling pathways of an alchemist mixing potions of happiness.
  • Neon Waters Navigator: As a navigator, let Neon Waters socks become the cascading ocean guiding you to unseen worlds.
  • Leopard Pink Stripe Seeker: With Leopard Pink Stripe socks as paws, seek wonders through enchanted forests.
  • Ultraviolet Peach Leopard Dreamer: Draped in Ultraviolet Peach Leopard, become a dreamer weaving tales of vibrant lands.
  • Crew Carnival Maestro: Let Crew socks stripe you as a carnival maestro, orchestrating a symphony of joy and games.

The art is in the details—consider tiny enchantments like sparkly makeup, thematic props, or eerie lighting. 

Halloween is a time of mystical joy, where we embrace the unknown and playfully revel in the spectral world. This Spooky Socktober, let your imagination run wild, blending the practicality and style of Tucketts into a whimsical Halloween creation that shares a piece of your world with us.

So, summon your creativity, embrace the mystical, and join us in a celebration of spooks, specters, and socks! We eagerly await your entrancing entries and wish you a Socktober filled with magical moments and spirited fun! 

Get your ensemble, let the Tucketts spirit shine, and may your Socktober be delightfully spooky!🎃👻🖤

Written by Tucketts Team

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