Hi, Tucketts Family! I’m Paola, the heart behind Tucketts, coming to you with not just a product story, but a personal tale of dreams, determination, and - well, a lot of steps! The story that inspired the creation of the STEP UP Foot & Ankle Exercise Card Deck.

At 18, a dream of mine was born – the desire to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. But dreams, although beautiful, sometimes test our tenacity. In 2021, while training for my climb, I hit a stumbling block - pain in my feet and toes that threatened to undo everything.



Here's where things changed. Ilaria Cavagna from Feet-ness introduced me to foot-strengthening exercises that became my saving grace, allowing me to trek 150,000 steps in 9 days, without blisters or pain. And yes, I reached the summit, a triumphant moment I'd dreamed of for years.

Why am I sharing this? Because dreams are meant to be pursued and achieved - not halted by physical setbacks. And as a mom, giving up halfway wasn’t an option. This
wasn’t merely about scaling a mountain; conquering this mountain became a testament to show my daughter that even amidst pain and unexpected hurdles, we do not retreat. When obstacles come our way we learn, adapt, and forge ahead.

Thus, the STEP UP Foot & Ankle Exercise Card Deck was born!

In this deck, I’ve compiled those pivotal exercises that supported me on Kilimanjaro, alongside additional curated exercises designed to strengthen, heal, and protect your feet and ankles. For just $20, this deck, available in limited quantities at tucketts.com, is packed with 43 invaluable cards, including:

  • 43 cards of pivotal exercises from my climb.
  • Strategies for empowering foot health and strength.
  • A complimentary one-month membership to @feetness_edu.
  • ... and much more, uniquely crafted for your journey towards dreams and pain-free adventures.

Dive Deeper into My Journey! 🎥

I've shared my personal story, emotions, and behind-the-scenes moments of my Kilimanjaro journey in
my latest Reel.

Join me! Step into your dreams fearlessly, and let’s make every step count, together. Grab your deck, share your journey with us, tag #LoveTucketts, and let’s pave a path of boundless, pain-free adventures.

With every step,

Paola, CEO of Tucketts 👣💖

Written by Paola Shah

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