A new season means new natural colors, and that means pure inspiration for a new Fall line of Tucketts toeless socks. This fall, our latest line of Tucketts is inspired by the vastness of the world’s deserts and all the beauty that they bring. 

When people think of the desert, they often think of hot, dry, earth-colored sand dunes that go on for miles and miles in southern areas. But this is just a basic understanding of everything a desert ecosystem has to offer. The desert is not just a small, rare region found in the environment. Deserts actually make up one-third of Earth’s surface. In order for an area to be considered a desert, it must receive less than 10 inches of precipitation in a typical year. Due to this threshold, it is easy to see how many areas can be considered desert regions. 

Another contradictory belief of deserts is that they are all hot and lifeless. The truth is, deserts can be cold in temperature, and some plants and animals thrive in the desert ecosystem. Cold deserts, like the Gobi, can see winter temperatures that go as low as -2C. Deserts can also be categorized as coastal, semi-arid, or hot and dry like the typical depiction. 

So why are deserts so important, and why were they the inspiration for the Tucketts fall line? Tucketts strives to bring awareness to all the important ecosystems and natural elements in the world that are often taken for granted, and the desert is definitely one of these areas. Deserts are so important to the environment because they bring a wealth of minerals and plants that are not only essential to our well-being, but also have benefits that are yet to be seen. Desert regions hold 50 percent of the world’s copper and 75 percent of the world’s oil reserve. Gold and diamonds can also be found in desert regions.

As for plant life, many plants that have learned to adapt to desert regions are being discovered to have health benefits for human beings. Many of these discoveries are still under research, but it just goes to show how important desert ecosystems are and why they should not be neglected. 

Tucketts finds beauty in every form of nature, and this season’s line of toeless socks brings awareness to the beautiful deserts of the world. Each toeless sock design was inspired, and named, by one of the world’s deserts. Some of these deserts are in danger, and the colors of their ecosystems have altered due to climate change. So, bringing awareness and honor to these areas is more important than ever!

We will plant a tree on your behalf!
Every pair of Tucketts bought will contribute towards our TuckettsforTrees Program. We are partnering with Groasis contributing to replant the most unique, special and mostly dry areas on the world. Starting in the Sahara region!

Here is a sneak peek at the new Fall into the Dunes collection:

Our Allegro, Anklet, and Ballerina fall socks are representing the Sahara, Patagonia, Atacama, and Mojavi deserts.

Our Knee High socks and Leg Warmers are representing the Colorado, Gobi, Tanami, and Thar desert areas.

We hope the Tucketts toeless socks desert-inspired line helps you to fall more in love with this precious and beautiful ecosystem. We encourage you to research the deserts, understand their wealth and beauty, and appreciate all that they are.

Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to tag us in your posts!

Written by Fazle Mpulse

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