After a blustery cold winter, in which mother nature laid a thick white blanket across the nation, and unrelenting rainfalls left some of us seriously contemplating building an ark…the summer months are here! What’s the best way to enjoy the warm? A new collection! Toe-tally in Bloom is the newest collection and heralds  signs of boldness, possibility, and the emergence of something fresh and new.  We see the flower blooms and smiles of summer, and celebrate our love of color and vitality.

The idea behind this new collection is to highlight the importance of nature, and salute the bees and their work in bringing flowers into bloom and food on our plates! As we mentioned in our blog, TUCKETTS FOR EVERYONE LIFESTYLE, sustainability is a major focus for our brand. Tucketts is devoted to recognizing and giving back to causes that keep our planet beautiful. After all, if we don’t take care of our planet, no one else will.

Our new Toe-tally in Bloom Collection pays homage to the blooming season and the countless time and dedication mother nature works to create a beautiful summer…and in particular, the beloved BEE!

Bee the Inspiration


To be fully sustainable, it means our planet needs to work to avoid the depletion of our natural resources. Avoiding depletion does not just mean avoiding things that take away from the environmental balance of our planet. It also means returning resources back to nature, and doing whatever we can to preserve the elements that maintain our ecological balance.

Tucketts takes this belief very seriously, and our Toe-tally in Bloom Collection is designed to stand behind (and in) what we believe in. Our focus this season is on the essential bees that pollinate our plants and crops. In a recent publication made by Friends of the Earth, it is stated that bees and other pollinators help create about one-third of what we eat. The alarming part is that their existence is under constant threat due to toxic pesticides and other factors like parasites and climate shifts. Although we may not be able to help with natural parists, humans can help prevent the use of toxic chemicals and lessening population due to climate.

Why do we want to help prevent the extinction of bees? According to the People Pollinators Action Network, pollinators like bees are responsible for most of our plant reproduction. Protecting these honey bees will maintain the biodiversity of our planet and keep our crops growing.

For these reasons, every pair of Tucketts you buy from the first batch/production of our Toe-tally in Bloom Collection, contributes to help maintain our bee population! We are committed to give a portion of the proceeds from this collection to this amazing cause.

Giving Back


Since our Toe-tally in Bloom Collection is inspired by flowers, bees, and fields, it only seems fitting that a portion of our proceeds will go toward a bee conservancy. The Honeybee Conservancy is an organization that focuses on the sustainability of bee sanctuaries, local food, education, and outreach on these topics. The organization also offers a wonderful opportunity for individuals to sponsor a hive.

The Sponsor-A-Hive program places honey bees in neighborhoods that need them. These include areas with a high population of low-income housing and senior citizens. The goal is to help produce healthy food for individuals who live in these areas, and their efforts are paying off. Evidence has shown these efforts have increased food production in the areas the honey bees are placed by 71%!

Not only do we at Tucketts hope our contributions support this outstanding organization, but we hope it inspires you to purchase from our collection to support the organization as well.

Written by Fazle Mpulse

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