Tucketts unique designs, color scheme, and fine knitting has its roots in Colombia, my home country. I was born in Bogota and grew up in a small suburban town, 8,500 feet closer to the stars, surrounded by green, lush mountains and cultivated colorful fields. Every year during the school vacation, I visited my grandparents in Santa Marta, a colonial Caribbean town at sea level in the north of the country. Since then I have been in touch with the Wayuu tribe, an indigenous community organized into matrilineal clans, located just a few hours north, in the region of La Guajira. A desertic region of Colombia, where the Wayuu women are at the center of it all, with their unique weaving and crochet techniques, patterns, and colors. 

Yes, women have a strong voice and have been leading the preservation of ​​their traditions, land, and also their language, Wayuunaiki. Weaving and crocheting mochilas and hammocks go beyond their traditions, it’s an expression of the way they see themselves and their surroundings, a way to get connected in spirit with their divinity for guidance.

Wayuu woven mochilas
Colorful woven Wayuu mochilas 


I grew up wearing a Mochila every time I went to this hot region of Colombia, which I still do every year. My brother, a marine biologist, worked very closely with the Wayuu and lived in that region for many years. His experience was also an opportunity for me to get to know them and appreciate their ancestral knowledge and the joy of living.


In my early twenties, I moved to Europe to learn French and English. It became one of my dreams after watching the movie Before Sunrise! I ended up living there for 9 years, earning my master's degree, working in foreign affairs, and finding the love of my life (well…he found me ;)). My years in Europe also influenced my own style. I embraced their clean, simple lines with a sleek geometric appearance.


Years later, when I started Tucketts, I did notice how much those two different regions of the world shaped our Tucketts collections. The Wayuu’s bold colors and unique patterns combined with the European sleek aesthetic that elevates each of our grip socks. This marriage of cultures and designs leads us to creating unique collections that express our deepest desires and brings awareness to the themes and stories that we want to introduce to the world.


Tucketts Our Roots: Wayuu Collection


Every Tucketts collection is created with purpose. This year, we decided to bring you the Wayuu patterns and joy of living to make this fall season a colorful one. After the hard times we’ve all experienced due to Covid, we now appreciate each other, nature, and our communities more than ever. And now that we’re approaching the shorter, colder days, it’s up to each of us to add some color and joy to our lives. At Tucketts we want to help you achieve that by giving you the gift of colorful yet elegant feet that help you feel balanced and confident to step into any barefoot activities, workouts, or adventures that bring you joy.


Written by Paola Shah

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