They are trapped for over 16 hours a day in tight shoes, point boots, restrictive socks, and old slippers - and yet, they are still your most trusted companions on any walk, jog, or dance move you enjoy! 

Now that Wiggle-Your-Toes Day is here, don’t miss out on the chance to slip off your shoes, free your feet, and give your toes the TLC they deserve! Whether you are looking to take a yoga class, enjoy a barefoot walk by the seaside, or have booked a foot massage for you and your other half, there are endless ways to celebrate this day in style. 

This Saturday, swap your shoes for your favorite pair of toeless Tucketts and let your toes run wild - here are just some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy in return!

Science-Backed Benefits of Wiggling Your Toes You Didn’t Know About

With over 7000 nerve endings, 100 muscles, and 30 joints, each of your feet is truly a powerhouse playing a vital role in keeping you healthy and free of injury! But with your feet trapped in the oh-so-stylish (but not so ergonomic) shoes all day long, it isn’t surprising that you are losing mobility and flexibility!

Freeing your feet, wiggling your toes, and enjoying a barefoot experience is a great way to reconnect with this essential part of your body and explore all of its functions. 

For example, did you know that around 70% of the information related to your body's movement that your brain processes come from your feet? And, have you ever thought about the balancing role of the triangle that your little and big toe form with your heel?

If your answer is no - don’t worry! We don’t always stop to think about how much our feet do for us. However, now that the perfect opportunity is just a few days away, why not spend time strengthening that foot-brain connection?!

Your Feet Have Superpowers: Wiggle Your Feet To Keep Your Cool

Your feet are a map of your body, and learning how to care for them can help you prevent future complications and imbalances. But what else can your feet really do? If you have ever attended a yoga class - or you have ever immersed your toes in sand or water after a stressful day at work - you know the answer! 

Standing and walking barefoot allows you to ground down and can shift the energy from the head to the ground. So, no, you have not just been imagining that sensation of calm and relief! 

On Wiggle-Your-Toes Day, take some time to slip on a pair of Tucketts and just walk around the house, the gym, or the beach barefoot for a stress-relief like no other!

Put Your Feet To The Test: Can You Wiggle Your Toes?

Does your pinky hold the secret to a healthy body and mind? Maybe!

As we have seen, connecting with your feet and feeling the sensations of the ground underneath your body have otherworldly calming powers. But keeping your toes flexible, strong, and functional can help you improve your balance, straighten your posture, and even drastically reduce the risk of injuries!

Unsure where to start? Check out the video below to learn more about the best exercises for happy and healthy feet:


If you have never tried the barefoot experience before, walking around without your shoes on can be intimidating. At
Tucketts, we know how you feel - that’s why we have designed the perfect socks to keep your feet healthy and comfy - no matter whether you are about to enjoy a pilates class or go for a SCUBA dive!

Written by Tucketts Team

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