Each season we look deeply at our customer requests and draw inspiration for new, unique toeless grip sock designs. For our new line, we decided to combine a frequent client request with the people who wear them.

Over the years we have had many requests for Tucketts open toe socks in a nude shade. However, as you know, part of our Tucketts for Everyone Lifestyle is to be ALL inclusive. So creating a single shade to represent our interpretation of “nude” just didn’t seem like the direction we wanted to take.

As we analyzed the need and potential success of the design, we had a hard time choosing a “nude” color. We want our toeless socks to represent everything we stand for, and we quickly realized that one nude color would leave out far too many people. We did not want a nude for ONE...we wanted a nude for EVERYONE!


From the very beginning of our company launch, we have used the hashtag #tuckettsforeveryone because we stay true to our belief that diversity and inclusion of all people is our number one priority. This line is another example of our devotion to this value.

So we decided to make a five nude shade collection that represents a vast majority of the clients we serve. We know there are so many more skin colors, all unique and beautiful in their own ways, but we narrowed it down to five to coincide with some of the women we admire.

Here are some of the women who helped inspire this inclusive new line


From left to right


Grace is a professional marathon runner from Kenya who is currently training in the United States and studying business. Her grace, beauty, and tenacity can be seen in every race she runs, and her dedication is admirable. She can be found on Instagram at @gracekahura_254.


Leontyne is a mom of two and the founder of Lisbeth Joe, a chic and fashionable barefoot-inspired shoe. When she’s not reinventing footwear, she is also a chartered accountant. Check out her fashion on Instagram at @lisbeth.joe.


Paola is our fearless leader here at Tucketts. Paola is a mother, business owner, philanthropist, and adventurer, and she wears each hat seamlessly. The Tucketts brand is the product of her dreams, and for that we are thankful.


Dunia is a mom of three who converted to Islam 8 years ago. She has a deep love for fashion and can be found on Instagram @dunias_style.


Kate was once a fashion model who walked the runways of New York and abroad. Today she has decided to use her years of knowledge to work as a fashion brand consultant. She can be found on Instagram at @katedollface.


These five women are just some of the people who motivate and energize us to continue to develop designs we can stand behind. We hope you can find a shade in our new Nude for Everyone collection that you connect with. But above all else, we hope this collection encourages you to embrace and love the skin that nature gave you, and the skin of EVERYONE who crosses your path (or your life).

Who’s ready to go nude with us? Tell us what you love about your skin in the comments below and tag us in your pics wearing the new Nude for Everyone Collection! We can’t wait to see the skin you’re in.

Written by Fazle Mpulse

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