For many years, customers have asked us for closed toe socks made with the same high quality grippers and company values as our regular Tucketts open toe socks. We’ve been listening to you, our loyal customers and partners! We are now happy to introduce our new Tab Closed Toe Socks.

Adding this new style to our line was a hard decision to make. We advocate for free open toes to fully engage them during your favorite workout or other barefoot activity in order to keep stimulating the foot-brain connection. Now we also want to offer more variety for you as this closed toe sock brings other benefits to your feet. 

After a lot of research and testing, Tucketts Tab Closed Toe has been designed and constructed carefully, featuring padded tabs, the same superior grips for traction where you need them, high performance cushion knit that gives extra cushion in the heel and ball of the foot, reinforced toes for durability, and compression style arch support for increasing comfort. 

Our Tab Closed Toe socks come in an easy 2-Pack including a solid navy sock and one of our signature Tucketts gradation designs that you love. Colder days are coming, and we know how important it is to have cozy, cushioned, and well protected feet. They are perfect for walking around the house or for keeping your feet extra warm and comfy whether you’re doing yoga, pilates, barre, or whatever exercise you crave in the moment! 

Tucketts Tab Closed Toe Socks are complementary to our open toe Tucketts styles. If you are a retailer, we understand you want to provide choices to your clients with the same high quality you have been offering, and that's why we’ve listened to you. 

If you are a customer on our website, now you have one more Tucketts option to add to your collection!

We look forward to getting your feedback, and please know that YOU and your feet are our priority!

Tag us in your pics of these new grip socks in action on Instagram @lovetucketts.

Written by Kerry Siel

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