The themes of our Tucketts collections are like taking a trip around the world, and this one’s no different.  

We started the journey in outer space with our Beyond Earth Collection, inspired by the colors of the astonishing galaxies above and beyond us.  

Then we explored the planet’s highest peaks with our Himalayan Collection. Next we were off to the meadows of the Alps with our Toe-Tally in Bloom Collection 

Finally, we worked to explore and bring awareness to the ocean ecosystems with our Open Seas Collection. 

So what’s our latest adventure? The African Savanna with our Fierce Collection! 

The Tucketts Fierce Collection

I’m so happy to introduce you to our newest Fierce Collection for Tucketts!  

This new collection of toeless grip socks is inspired by an old dream of mine that recently came true: going to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, see giraffes and the big 5 in their natural habitat, and get to know a local African tribe (more on this below!) 

I love hiking, and I had the opportunity to summit Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa at 19,370ft, with the most amazing group of women and dedicated local crew.  

It was a challenging 8-day journey that started in what they called the farming zone. Then we traveled the magical rainforest, passing by the heather and moorland zone to get to the highland desert. Finally, we arrived in the arctic zone.  

The journey taught me so many lessons which I shared in this post 

As a reward after our climb, we relaxed in the African Savanna surrounded by the wilderness. This was an unforgettable Safari experience that we combined with a Tucketts photoshoot of the Fierce Collection.  

It was an amazing coincidence to have our collection samples ready for this trip, be able to hire a local photographer to come for the 3-day Safari, and get to see all the incredible animals that inspired the new collection.

What Does Fierce Mean to You?

As part of the development of our new collection, we asked our followers and friends what fierce means to them. The common thread we found was: “being unapologetically you.”  

This was captured so well by the words of best-selling author and founder of Barre & Soul Andrea Isabelle Lucas: “Fierce is knowing who you are, what you believe in, and what you decide is worth fighting for.”  

Barre instructor and influencer Stacey Roberts also said fierce is “a beautiful confidence, really go after things and being tenacious.”  

Wild animals in Africa reflect this confidence (and fierceness), too. They have an innate sense of how to go about their life, where to travel or migrate, when to attack their prey, and most importantly, which boundaries not to cross in order to keep the balance of the ecosystem they call home. 

Inspired by the Leopard

Our new Fierce Collection is inspired by the wild and wise animals of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania — particularly the leopard. The leopard is considered the strongest of the big cats, is very hard to spot (although we did!) and trace in the wild, and is most known for its agility.  

According to One Kind Planet, leopards have the widest range of habitats of all the big cats on the planet. This adaptability has allowed them to survive in various different geographic areas.  

Perhaps the most extreme example is the amazing snow leopard, which lives in the Himalayas. While climbing Mt Kalapathar in the Himalayas, I was following their tracks!

The African Wildlife Foundation says: “There are 9 subspecies and are distinguished by the unique characteristics of their coats, which range from tawny or light yellow in warm, dry habitats to reddish-orange in dense forests. Their coat is covered in dark, irregular spots called rosettes. These spots are circular in east African leopards, but square in southern African leopards.”  

It’s that coat that has inspired our gorgeous new designs for the Fierce Collection. For the first time ever in a Tucketts collection, we’re bringing the same pattern in different colors styles. And of course, each style has its own charm with the same quality of grippers that you love!  

Types of Toeless Grip Socks in Our Fierce Collection

Let’s start with our new Allegro and Ballerina Simply Leopard, which keeps the colors of the Leopard’s coat as is, pure. But of course, since we’re Tucketts, bright stylish designs and colorful accents couldn’t be left out.  

Anklet and Knee High Leopard Pink Stripe — as well as the Tab Closed Toe with its pink accent — remind us of the wonderful pink sunrises in the East African Savanna.  

Allegro Blush Leopard and Anklet Blush Leopard Arch are a softer version of the traditional Leopard, as we wanted to bring the serenity that the ferocious big cats can transmit when they’re at rest, while reminding us of the fierceness of our nature.  

Sheer has been lately one of our clients’ favorite toeless grip socks, so it was a must to honor the wild cats in the most elegant way with our Flow — Sheer Black Leopard, Flow - Sheer Garnet Tiger and Closed Toe Sheer Black Tiger.  

Elegant and unique, these grip socks will elevate your workout and confidence to a whole new level! And they’re sure to turn heads wherever you go.  

There’s another wonderful wild animal that’s found in Serengeti National Park that inspired us for this collection: zebras! They’re one of the most visually striking animals for their unique black and white stripes.

Known for their high level of social skills, zebras work together as a group in order to protect themselves, which makes zebras very hard prey to catch. They move as a herd, and their stripes become a visual challenge for predators.  

Our Anklet - Ultraviolet Zebra as well as the Tab Closed Toe Zebra Rising is a reminder of the power of working together. 

For those who like to have their toes covered and their feet super warm, we put together a Wild Power 2 Pack Tab Closed: Leopard Pink Accent + Zebra Rising. These 2 packs combine the fierceness of the Leopard plus the solidarity of the Zebra.  

Fall and winter are around the corner, so the collection isn’t complete without the Leg Warmer - Ruched Garnet. Leg warmers are critical for keeping your calves warm during a workout, or to pair with your favorite boots, jeans, or skirts this fall.  

Check out our blog for more ways to love leg warmers > 

Look for the New Fierce Collection! 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about what fierce means to us at Tucketts. We hope you enjoy taking home a piece of this journey from our latest collection!  

Dress up these socks in any way you desire to bring out the fierceness in you. Just remember: When you look at your Tucketts while doing Pilatesyogabarre, or any other barefoot activity — even just walking around the house — you are fierce, and your feet can take you anywhere, as long as you know where to go!  

Tag us @lovetucketts on social media in your new socks, and we look forward to seeing you with fiercely firm feet! 

You can also let us know which other designs, colors, or inspirations you’d like the future Tucketts collections to be! 


Written by Tucketts Team

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