All of us at Tucketts believe we are more than the grip socks we create, although we do love them fiercely. We believe deeply in creating a grip sock brand that has a clear balance between people, planet, and profit. With so much violence, isolation, and confusion going on in the world today, we stand firmly behind our mission to join people together all across the planet with a lifestyle focused on sustainability, peace, and unity.

From the inception of our grip socks, we have strived to create a brand that transcends the fitness, yoga, and pilates communities, and becomes a brand that speaks TO the world and FOR the world. Our factory, offices, and the faces that fill them, live and breathe the lifestyle we support. The members of our staff are from all over the United States and world. They come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and regions. We cherish our differences because we have all come together to create a grip sock brand that people can be proud to wear and share with those they love.



We take peace very seriously in our Tucketts lifestyle. Every aspect of our company and every connection we make is centered around peace. We are always looking for non-profit organizations, studios, and fitness facilities we can work with to help share the message of peace with the world.

We have worked with organizations like Move This World who help support individuals in their emotional and creative needs. We are also working with Dunna to make a peaceful impact on the community where our factory is located by designing, applying, and evaluating Yoga models and the Body/dance/movement for individual and social recovery.


Whether it’s in a fitness community, local community, or at an international level, our goal is to inspire everyone who buys a pair of Tucketts to support each other and grow together.


Growing together as a community means one thing...UNITY. We believe that unity is the only way our world can grow to be the absolute best version of itself. We know at Tucketts that each person in our company plays an equally important role in making it a success. Without each person’s individuality, diversity, and unique gifts, Tucketts would not be the growing brand we all love.

We feel just as strongly about each and every one of our customers. Every time we learn a customer story, meet a customer face-to-face or see pictures, we see the unique gifts every person has to offer. We want to work in unity with our customers, workers, partners, and suppliers to continue to bring people together, whether it’s only for an hour in a fitness class or for much longer.  



Finally, making a positive impact on the environment and all humans through sustainability is an essential part of our lifestyle. We don’t just believe we should take care of our own backyards, but we believe we should have an environmentally and community-friendly impact wherever we go. After all, living a lifestyle of sustainability means having a constant understanding of how we impact the environment EVERY single day.

Finding a manufacturer who shares our values of protecting workers, helping communities, and paying attention to environmental impact was essential. Our factory works under strict ethical standards with a tight-knit web of suppliers. To us, the people who work for us are one of, if not THE, most important aspect. We believe in working with manufacturers who pair our workers fair wages and provide them with fair working conditions. Sustaining our people is just as important as sustaining our earth.

Also, our factory belongs to a local clean production agreement, signed by private entities, government organizations, and productive sectors that manage the country's sustainable development. It also has the ISO 14001 certification in environmental management and has implemented practices that aim to minimize the impact of processes and waste on the environment.  

We were also determined to have sustainable packaging for our Tucketts. Our packaging is 100% tree-free. This means we aim to use the minimum amount of paper to hold and display each pair of our socks. The packaging is also completely biodegradable, recyclable, and made from 100% sugar cane fiber. This fiber is the residue from the sugar cane refining process and it’s totally free of harmful dyes and chlorine bleach.

Above everything, we believe that it is each and every one of our responsibilities to bring the world together, not tear it apart. We welcome you to be a member of the Tucketts family and join us in living out our Tucketts for Everyone Lifestyle.

Do you have a peace, unity, or sustainability initiative? We want to know about it!

Leave a comment below to tell us how you live the Tucketts for All Lifestyle!  

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Written by Fazle Mpulse

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