This holiday season Tucketts is so thrilled to present you with our toeless sock 2018 Holiday Collection! As the weather gets colder, we wanted to bring our customers a collection that would warm the feet, and hearts, of anyone who wears them. The 2018 Holiday Collection is a unique collection that nods at traditional holiday motifs, while being chic enough to be worn all year long.

Tucketts toeless socks are a universal gift to help any person, from any religion or background, share the holiday spirit from November all the way into the New Year. No matter who is on your holiday shopping list this year, there is a pair of Tucketts that would be an absolute perfect gift! Let’s take a closer look at the collection and who may love to receive each design.


Allegro - Red Gala


The classy, and cheery, Allegro Red Gala toeless socks are the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves traditional beauty with a playful vibe. These toeless socks are a new take on traditional polka dots, with a hint of sparkle in each dot, and the bright red fabric reminds us of old Hollywood glam.

The ankle cut and opening at the top of the foot give the socks a chic look. They would be perfect for a pilates lover who wants to show some flair while doing footwork, or a barre student who can rock them while doing some plies.


Ballerina - Merry Pixels


Our patented Ballerina in Merry Pixels toeless socks bring holiday happiness to a whole new level! These socks take a classic look and combine it with a lot of fun. The design brings in so many holiday colors that you can’t help but smile when you look at them.

So who would love a pair of Merry Pixels? These would be great gifts for barre students who love a little funky fun on their feet. Also, the pixel print would be great for any tech-lovers or photographers in your life. Why not share them with all three?

Anklet - Cherry Fizz


The innovative Tuckets Anklet in Cherry Fizz are a fashonista’s dream come true! These socks take traditional holiday colors and turn them glam with a speckled gradation design. They add texture, sparkle, and fun to every workout, and can be worn all year long.

The Cherry Fizz toeless socks would be the perfect gift for a yogi who wants to be balanced and fashionable all at the same time. They would also add some gorgeous flair to a pilates flow. Who wouldn’t get giddy looking at these toeless socks with your feet in straps?


Knee High - Geometric Nights


The Knee High in Geometric Nights takes holiday spirit to a whole new level...all the way up to the knee! The design nods at traditional holiday plaid, but does so in a creative new way and with a holiday color that is just so cool. The blue and white design is reminiscent of snowy days, Hanukkah fun, or New Years cheer. They are truly the socks that keep on giving.

Anyone who loves to be creative, fun, and inventive would love a pair of the Geometric Nights toeless socks. They would make a statement in a barre class, add extra warmth during pilates, or be the perfect addition to a yoga outfit. You really can’t go wrong with these as a gift!

Tucketts wants everyone to find their holiday love in a pair of our toeless socks. So no matter who you’re shopping for, tell us how you can see your friends and family in Tucketts!

Which design is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below and tag us in your pics!!

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Written by Fazle Mpulse

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