Why toeless socks?

Toes are naturally meant to spread out and move without restrictions in order to improve our balance, mobility, posture, body awareness, sensory reception, and much more. 
Tucketts’ patented toeless grip socks are carefully designed to help you retain the benefits of being barefoot while adding an extra layer of protection, comfort, and stability.

What’s my size?

S/M - fits US Women's Size 6-9.5
L/XL - fits Men and Women’s US Size 9+
One size - fits US Women's Size 6-9.
For a size below US Women’s size 6, you can order Kids Size L.
If you are a US Women’s Size 9+ with wide feet, you might find our Size L/XL more comfortable.

Are the grip socks moisture-wicking?

Yes, Tucketts toeless grip socks are thoughtfully made with a moisture-wicking, breathable lightweight knit material to keep your feet dry.

What are the best care/cleaning instructions for your products?

Hand wash and dry flat. Or machine wash on a gentle cycle and dry with low heat.

Do you offer closed-toe socks?

Yes, after a lot of research and testing, Tucketts Closed Toe Grip Socks have been designed and constructed carefully, featuring padded tabs, the same superior grips for traction where you need them, high-performance cushion knit that gives extra padding in the heel and ball of the foot, reinforced toes for durability, and compression style arch support for increased comfort. 

We truly believe that having your toes out without any restrictions is crucial, but we heard your requests of wanting the same quality of materials, grippers, and designs in a closed toe option, and we delivered!

Do you have toeless socks for kids?

Yes, Tucketts toeless grip socks for kids are designed with care to help prevent children from slipping on hardwood and tile floors or other slippery surfaces, while also allowing for their sensory ability to develop neuropathways that are so important for their development with the open-toe design.

Available in 2-Pack kids sizes:
S - (Shoe Size 6-11)
M - (Shoe Size 12-2)
L - (Shoe Size 3-6)

What kind of surfaces can the grip socks be used on (wooden floors, carpet, yoga mat, reformers)?

Tucketts grip socks can be used on wooden floors, carpets, yoga mats, reformers, gym floors and even worn with flip flops! 

Can you feel the grippers while exercising?

The shape of the gripper drops were carefully designed and tested for light stimulation of the nerve endings in the soles of our feet. You wouldn’t even notice it until you take your socks off! Our toeless socks are lightweight knitted so you can keep the barefoot sensation and connection with the ground.

What activities can I do wearing Tucketts toeless socks?

Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Pole Fitness, Aerial Arts, Water Aerobics, Ice Skating, Martial Arts, snorkeling/diving, Pedicures, Sleeping, Lounge, Walking in flip flops, and some of our clients even use them as a replacement for regular socks. 

Can I wear these on the beach?

Yes, they can protect your feet from hot sand while still allowing you to enjoy the feeling of sand below your toes.

Can I wear these in the ocean? 

Yes, salt water will not damage them. Our toeless grip socks are actually perfect to use with fins while diving or snorkeling, they keep your feet from sliding around, and offer an extra layer of comfort and protection from rashes and irritation.  

Can I wear the grip socks with flip-flops/shoes/peep-toe boots?

Yes, you can wear Tucketts open-toe grip socks with flip-flops. The design of the toe openings, with the big toe separated from the small toes, is a perfect fit for flip-flops. The grippers will keep you from sliding around, and Tucketts designs will look so cute with your flip-flops! 

We love the feeling of having our toes out inside our shoes, but it depends on your preference. Some of our clients have reported that it helps with the discomfort of feeling the inseams of the shoes. You can also wear them with peep-toe boots, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them.

Do they work for pedicures?

Yes, wear them right before the nail polish is applied, and comfortably wear your flip-flops.
No more cold or dirty feet from the nail salon to your home!

How can I know which socks are right and left?

Our toeless socks have the L (left) and R (right) knitted near the opening of the big toe so you can easily find which sock goes in which foot.

How do I wear the Allegro style grip socks?

The Allegro socks are extremely comfortable and easy to put on. No need to struggle to fit each toe into its own little sleeve. The foot goes through the smaller hole at the heel, leaving the wearer a "strap" at the top of the foot like a Mary Jane shoe, rather than like a sling back. The fabric ends just below the ankle bone, coming up high enough on the Achilles tendon to stay in place.