In our Fireside Live chat with Reflexologist and #FootGuru Suzanne Chilton, we discuss the foot-body-mind connection and how we can care for our feet to prevent and relieve pain in other parts of our body.

After Suzanne's husband was diagnosed with cancer, she took more interest in alternative medicine and discovered the benefits of reflexology and how important our feet are to our health. She learned to read the foot for ways to heal and reduce the risk of illnesses.


How your whole body is represented in your feet & the importance of foot care

Giving your feet more opportunities to be grounded, feel different textures and surfaces, and splaying your toes is crucial not only to the health of your feet but for the rest of your body too.

In reflexology, the whole body is mapped out in our feet and imbalances within our body such as pain, postural alignment and hormonal imbalances can be linked back to our feet.

Recognizing imbalances in your body through your feet 

How bunions, calluses and inflammation can be telling signs of other parts of your body needing help and attention.


How to start caring for your feet to prevent future complications

Give your feet as much attention, movement, and care as you would for your hands and face. Our feet are the foundation of our whole body after all.


How to activate your feet to release stress 

Simple exercise to activate the soles of your feet


Easy exercises for pain relief and prevention

Try these tips and exercises while watching your favorite show, reading a book, or working at your desk.


Watch the full video on our Youtube channel to find out more about the benefits of reflexology and daily foot care for a healthier body, mind, and feet.

You can find Suzanne on social media @footgurureflexology and online at


Written by Tucketts Team

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